our story

DASTAN , as the name suggests is Legends ,Myths and Tales. We’re willing to toil just so that your experiences with Dastan hoodies can themselves become legends /tales to be narrated in the days to come. All our hoodies will hold the premium quality , unique designs and the sustainable feel.

During the early stages of DASTAN, we were wondering on where to source our fabric from. We tallied a bunch of options. Along with this we did a lot of research too. After this the only conclusion we drew was that every day , a lot of fabric was being generated and wasted as well. We learnt that India alone produces enough waste to be able to create 2 billion garments from just scraps & leftovers. These stats were alarming and didn’t seem very environment-friendly.


Our ABOUT US info is different. We know that you will remember us for the info that we provide here. Hence , we have carefully explained what we want to be known for : eco-friendly & sustainable.

about the founder

The founder is an introvert who has lived all his life mostly as a lone wolf because he doesn't usually fit in. He feels left out and out of place, wherever he goes. Very often , he felt like he was an alien. He spent most of his time doodling on his own , singing songs loudly in places where no one can hear him , enjoying memes he can relate to and eventually he felt comfortable wearing hoodies. He got the warmth he needed. He didn't feel very alone. He put his hood on ,got his vision straight on what he wants and held his chin up.

He felt a connection to artists like graffiti makers , doodlers , writers , rappers , beatboxers , skaters and et cetera. He realized that humans needed to talk in order to communicate emotions and feelings. Modern artists of the youth culture did not need to use the traditional forms of communication. These artists feel emotions for which the words literally have not been invented.


FOLLOW YOUR HEART. YOU AREN'T FITTING IN , BECAUSE it's a small price to pay for salvation.